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San Francisco Book Review - Midnight (Hardcover)

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 "Fans will devour this 500-page sequel within days." 
–– San Francisco Book Review, 5 out of 5 stars Midnight, May 27, 2011

Book_TVD_Midnightimg_review_sf_book_reviewElena, Bonnie, Meredith, and Damon have escaped from the Dark Dimensions with Stefan. While everyone helps revive him, Damon lives in his own personal hell after his curiosity turns him human. He is bent on finding a way back to the Dark Dimensions so he can become a vampire again. But things go awry and Bonnie re-enters the Dimensions with Damon. Once there Bonnie unknowingly uncovers a treasure that might help them save Fell's Church. The Midnight is coming and an unknown foe is determined to destroy the town.

The division of Elena's love continues. She says she will always be Stefan's girlfriend, but feelings for Damon may fracture their relationship. The series seems to have lost the realistic tie, but after a break I was ready to jump in again. I was captured by learning more about Damon (who wouldn't?), especially when he and Bonnie were in the Dark Dimensions together. His personality is more easily understood at the end of the book, when his past and feelings are uncovered. The setting for the ending is heart-wrenching, the last two pages classic (and stop the tears). Fans will devour this 500-page sequel within days. Reviewed by Amanda Muir

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