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'The Secret Circle' recap: What's Your Damage, Heather?

on 07 October 2011. Posted in In the Media

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The Secret Circle, CassieCassie and Faye learn the true reason behind Heather's unique condition. It involves snakes.

Oh dear. Things aren't looking good for sweet Melissa right now, are they? This week's installment of The Secret Circle dove right into the cliffhanger mystery we were left with at the end of last week -- what did Amelia do to Heather the night of the infamously fatal fire? Well, we were given our answer (sort of), but the members of the Circle are still as lost and confused as ever. More than anything, this week's episode dealt with the hellish emotional aftermath of the painful event that took out most of their parents. Yes, we also had a Cassie/Faye Hardy Boys style mystery, and a new demonic plot to boot. But when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, these kids are nothing but a group of sad quasi-orphans trying to fill some sort of emotional void, be it with sex or magic or some good old-fashioned mystery-solvin'. As Faye put it, they're "a boat full of sad witches."

Last night, Cassie and Faye tried their best to fill the void with answers. Cassie still couldn't believe that her sweet-as-pie mother, her life-long support and constant companion, was capable of doing the things she (maybe?) did. And even though I'm getting a bit tired of Cassie's "you knew my mother?" wide-eyed shock face, it's hard to blame her for that. Picture your mother for a second. She's great, right? Now try to picture how you would react if you found out she had a super-shady past filled with fire and magic and murder and a catatonic friend named Heather. Yeah, you might develop a permanent Britt Robertson-style shock face, too. Is anyone else starting to think that she only has three faces? There's the shock face, the normal face, and the dramatic eye-roll face. This third face is most commonly seen in interactions with Faye, and any time the Adam love triangle situation is mentioned. But I digress.  Read More >>

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