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Shelley Hennig spills her Character

on 12 August 2011. Posted in In the Media

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'The Secret Circle's Shelley Hennig spills about her character Diana


August 10, 2011 - The Secret Circle actress Shelley Hennig spills some new info about her character in the series, Diana Mead.

The CW Network has released a preview that features new scenes from the show's premiere as well as a short interview with Shelley. In the clip Shelley explains a bit about her character Diana and how she came to be the the leader of the witch coven which she belongs to.

"I play Diana Mead who is the leader of the coven," Shelley revealed, "She's the only one that has the book of spells, so because of that she is in charge."

While most of the scenes have already been shown in previous clips, there are a couple of segments that are new. One of these segments is the one showing how Diana tells Cassie about the book of spells she found, explaining that this makes her the leader. She also tells her that if Cassie joins the coven they will be able to do great things with their power.

Another new scene features Diana with other coven members including Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) having a meeting in their secret hiding place.

In the scene, Diana questions Adam for having done magic with newcomer Cassie (Britt Robertson), by making water float. He tries to defend himself by saying that he thought showing Cassie some magic tricks would make her less afraid of it.

Then, we also get a tease from Shelley, which may steer the TV series away from the book's story, that sort of questions Diana's loyalty to the good side.

"Diana is a good witch... for now," Shelley said. So, can we expect to see Diana turn in addition to Faye? Or will Faye be the good one on the television version of The Secret Circle?

As the clip reveals, we get a glimpse of Diana's jealousy when she finds out Adam, who is her boyfriend, did magic with Cassie. Going by the books, Adam has feelings for Cassie, although he really loves Diana, so it will be interesting to see which way the TV series will take this storyline.

As we now know, on the premiere episode of The Secret Circle, Cassie moves to the new town where the witches live and learns she is also part of the coven. The current young group of high school witches lets her in on the secret and explains to her who she is.

Original article written by Anna Sanclement, CW Network Examiner, August 10, 2011

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