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Comic-Con: Will The Secret Circle Series Stay True to the Novels?

on 24 July 2011. Posted in In the Media

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Britt RobertsonBritt RobertsonFans of L.J. Smith's The Secret Circle novels will be pleased to learn that elements of her trilogy will live on in the new CW series. But just like with The Vampire Diaries, the producers have taken liberties in the show's creation.

An example? The Secret Circle (spoiler alert!) kills off someone who survived the entire book series within the first five minutes of the premiere. While that won't be the only difference from the source material, executive producer Kevin Williamson says they "hope to be as true to the story as we can." Read More.

Article on TV Guide, posted Jul 24, 2011 11:00 AM ET by Natalie Abrams


0 # So bummed!Guest 2013-08-17 15:29
My wife and I doted on Charmed to the point of insanity -- any episode in 8 years we can say "the one where..." and we know instantly. So when I saw that The Secret Circle was coming out I was excited. I knew it wouldn't be the same but it would satisfy my need for witch-coven brain candy. Problem: I missed the first season on TV, and now I CAN'T GET IT ANYWHERE. :sad: CW no longer broadcasts it on Xfinity which is our cable service here, live or on-demand, and as far as I can see they haven't released a DVD. From the smidgins I've seen on Youtube it looks like something I would really enjoy. :sad: Any advice?

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