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Free Kindle Reading Apps

on 28 February 2014. Posted in 2014

img Free Kindle Reading App
I've heard from several readers who were disappointed about my Vampire Diaries fanfics only being available as Kindle books because they didn't own a Kindle. I want to let everyone know about the free Kindle reading apps available. They allow you to read Kindle books on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Follow this link and download the app for the device that you have.

~ Lisa
Book Evensong1                 Book Evensong2
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+9 # The War of Roses, Part 2??!!Guest 2014-04-16 08:09
L.J. Smith, I love your books! My heart and imagination are curious to know if there is a second part of The War of Roses. Or at least an idea of when it will be out so I can keep my eye out! My hopes are high full of anticipation
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+2 # evensongGuest 2014-06-02 02:55
hi ive just learned of the new evensong books I am desperate to read them have tried to download them on kindle but it seems amazon has not got the evensong books in the uk site yet. only on the amazon.com site it wont let me get them does anyone have any idea when amazon will be putting them up in the kindle uk site amazon.co.uk thanks
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