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on 30 January 2013. Posted in 2013

img jennifer carpenterWell, news anyway, which is something. First, in case anybody has gone blind and not noticed the Timeline, there is a new contest for Valentine’s Day: if you haven’t signed up for the Forum yet, pretty please do so.  With sprinkles and Godiva chocolate on the pretty please.

Okay, now to the rest of the news.  I recently saw the movie GONE which stars Amanda Seyfried, a nice thriller with a possibly-schizophrenic-and-totally-cool girl playing detective when her sister is kidnapped.  And was I surprised to see who turned up in the middle of the movie!  Mary-Lynnette Carter, Ash Redfern’s soulmate, the reason for all his toils to make amends and rescue other soulmated couples previously seen in the Night World series!  Who portrayed M. L.?  Well, it was Amy Lawhorn Jennifer Carpenter, but only in one particular scene.  Her other photographs, where she usually wears her hair frizzy or curled, don’t look like Mary-Lynnette at all.  But here in this pic with long straight hair in a braid you can see my very own conception of M’lin (especially if you mentally take off a few years). (Update: Thanks to Lucas who identified Jennifer's name correctly. smile)

By the way, while I’m talking about kick@$$ female “detectives” I can’t go without recommending one of my other faves, which is THE FORGOTTEN, with Julianne Moore as a woman who, again may be schizophrenic, but might also be right in the notion that she had a young son who died in an airplane crash, although no one else remembers the kid.

img samantha 1And while I’m at it, I might as well point out that for kicking any part of the anatomy, Milla Jovovich in the first RESIDENT EVIL movie is both elegant and deadly (but only if you’re a zombie-loving-Living-Dead fan coz otherwise your stomach won’t take it).  And Milla’s nobody’s mother, either.  My favorite scene is where she runs up the wall and kicks the heads off the undead Dobermans.

But to get to the second point, I did, despite my misgivings, go and see the movie version of Le Miz, maybe ten years after seeing the play.  Well . . . a lot of people seem to like it, but I think all the playgoers really know the score, which was that it sucked except for Samantha Bark’s Eponine.  Samantha did the songs without the play’s (U.K. and U.S.A. version’s) distinctive whine and she stole the show.  Also, she has dimples, which were so fetching that I gave them to Strange Fate’s heroine, Sarah, who’s otherwise a pretty plain Jane (brown hair, ordinary features, slight frame).

Now one other thing about Strange Fate before I make the third point for my bringing up Le Miz and Samantha, and that’s that just yesterday I did an interview which included comparing the outline of the new Chapter 1 (featuring Ash Redfern trying to make amends to Lightly Bitten Girl #97) to the actual chapter.  Once Sherry Soule has had a chance to put it on her site, I’ll link to it, and eventually post the outline and chapter as a sneak peek at Strange Fate, which I’ve been working madly on while dealing with a fallen ceiling in my new house and warped floorboards—all from the weird rain-and-winds we’ve gotten since Christmas.

img samantha 2Anyway, the final points for Samantha are that 1) She (especially in the movie) reminded me a whole lot of Blaise Harman, the very wicked witch from the Night World series book Spellbinder, who, of course, will appear again in Strange Fate.  Blaise may not have her wasp-waist, but she’s a pretty good approximation.  And, 2) in this publicity photo you can see what a “goddess dress” is pretty clearly, which was featured in the Vampire Diaries series book Shadow Souls.  Elena wears a dress rather similar to this Silver Nightingale’s gala. The point is that the dress is very simple, and that there’s nothing to support anything with except the wearer’s firm young curves (Elena is 18; Samantha 22.)

And that is all I can think of at the moment. :-)


+3 # RE: EXCITING NEWSMichelle 2013-01-31 06:22
Thanks for sharing!! I personally love that fact of actually hearing which real people remind you of your characters! I can't wait for the next Sneak Peek into Strange Fate!!!!
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+3 # Fun!!Stephanie 2013-01-31 15:52
Thanks so much for the update!!
So excited for the sneak peak of Strange Fate!!
The Forgotten is a great movie it really is! It's one of my very favorites
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