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Welcome and The Secret Circle

on 28 October 2010. Posted in 2010

Welcome!  First, I’d like to thank the nearly 4,000 people from 93 countries who have come to visit.  And grateful thanks to the two and a half thousand who participated in the poll on the Home Page to determine Bonnie’s fate.  I myself was a bit stunned at the many who thought she should cast her fate with Matt, and I have to say that it was slightly unfair because of course nobody knows what new character will be introduced.  But, believe me, I will certainly listen to my reader’s opinions . . . and don’t worry, at just 18, she’s not yet ready to get married.

The other thing I wanted visitors to know is that if you didn’t see your favorite character featured in a story this month, you very well may next month.  I am committed to keeping this website fresh and interesting for everyone—and the next contest, which starts November 20, sports a prize that has to be seen to be believed!

I guess the other news that one or two readers/viewers might possibly not have heard about is the fact that The Secret Circle has been optioned by the CW.  When The Vampire Diaries was optioned I kept pretty tight-lipped about it, but this time I think I will blog about the agony and the ecstasy, and the probably very short life of a burgeoning TV show.  I wonder which characters will be cut and what number they’ll get it down to—I’d guess seven witches at most, and even that might be too many to handle.  But I am working assiduously at a Secret Circle story that I hope will be ready for the next update.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Please keep on reading—and writing!

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