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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack . . .

on 27 August 2009. Posted in 2009

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Oh, God, what a week. I've had a dentist's appointment, learned wonderful things about the upcoming Vampire Diaries TV show, and tried to figure out how you pronounce some of those insane names I used in the Night World books, so that the audio versions can proceed. Well, not so insane names, just slightly confusing ones: the worst was Sekhmet. Sounds easy, right SEK met. Trouble? Well, it used to be (and still is somewhere) spelled Sekhet, Sacmet, and half a dozen other iterations. The best name of all for her is She Who Reduceth To Silence or The Force Against Which No Other Force Can Prevail.

That isn't what I wanted to say, actually. I want to toast David Albert, who showed me how to use Blogger . . . again . . . and say thank you from my heart for all the email. I love getting email, love reading it, and would love to answer each message if I only could. As it is, after just finishing Shadow Souls--the new, kinder, gentler Vampire Diaries book I am starting on finishing Strange Fate and the last Vampire Diaries trilogy. Piece of cake, huh?

That, and that the TV people (sounds like the title of a horror film) have been really, really nice to me lately, sharing news and Vampire Diaries (TV) clippings and I now stand behind the show. I'm hoping that everyone will give it a chance--the first episode being the hardest to get past if you're not a Twilight fan. Or maybe if you are. Anyway, I'm asking that people be patient with it and see if it does turn out to be adorable.


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